Terms & Conditions


The below terms and conditions apply to all using www.iwanttospeak.com including schools, companies, teachers, translators, potential students, sellers, buyers and all users of the website who are seeking a language exchange partner or not. www.Iwanttospeak.com has the right to change or modify these conditions at any time.

Purpose of the site

The purpose of www.Iwanttospeak.com is to provide a platform where language enthusiasts can find a language partner to practise a language or help others in learning a language they know. It also gives opportunities for individuals and companies to advertise their services or current vacancies and allows users of the website to sell any new or used language related material. www.Iwanttospeak.com does not own any material that is being sold and has no connection with anyone who posts on the website. Its only connection is hosting users posts. 

Registration, access and termination

Registration is not required for users of the site who wish to post in the categories of language exchange, looking for a teacher/translator, other, and selling material, but a registration is required for those who wish to post in the categories Teachers, Translators, Exam/Courses, and Jobs . All registrations take place on https://iwanttospeak.com/register/ and you must be 18 years of age in order to register for an account to be able to post. Accounts are activated instantly without the admins approval and all information you provide must be accurate and not misleading in any way. You have the right to terminate your account at any time and this can be done by emailing the admin at hello@iwanttospeak.com from the email connected to your account with the subject ‘DELETE MY ACCOUNT” your account and all its data including any pictures uploaded will be permanently removed from the server and will not be able to be recovered. www.iwanttospeak.com has the right to remove your account or any posts that are seen as misleading or as spam at any time.


By posting on the website www.iwanttospeak.com you are agreeing that all information you provide is true and is in no way misleading. You are also agreeing to have your details displayed on the page of your advert and understand once your post is visible via the website users of the website will have access to your post as well as the details you provide which will allow users of the website the ability to contact you. www.Iwanttospeak.com is not responsible for who might have access to your details via the website once posted. www.Iwanttospeak.com is also not responsible for the content of a post, but will try and remove any misleading or spam posts. The poster takes sole responsibility for what is posted and the exact content that is entered by the poster will be published on the website without any admin approval. Once a post has been submitted an activate email will be sent to the email address which was entered during the posting process. To activate the post, the user must click the activate link before it is posted on the website. The user also has the opportunity to delete their post at any time by click the delete link in the same email.


If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. If a post or someone who contacts you regarding your advert seems suspicious, please get in contact by email at HELLO@IWANTTOSPEAK.com and we will deal with the situation.  We are not responsible for who might contact you and have no way of knowing who might use your contact details. It is best to keep up-to-date with any present scams and never share your bank details or send money to someone without full confidence your business is legitimate

Language Exchange

By posting on www.iwanttospeak.com in the language exchange category you are committing and agreeing to finding someone to practise your language skills either in a spoken or written way. You are agreeing to have your post details and contact details that you provide visible to not only potential language exchange partners, but to all who access the website www.iwanttospeak.com. www.Iwanttospeak.com cannot be held responsible for any emails or contact you may receive once your advert has been posted. www.Iwanttospeak.com has no way of monitoring who accesses your post and who contacts you. 

Selling / Buying

www.Iwanttospeak.com does not own any material whether it be physical or digital that is being listed on the website. It has no connection with the seller or buying. It simply acts as a board to post. The responsibility of selling and buying along with any forms of payment are in the hands of the individuals selling or buying. It is their responsibility to make sure payment is made including any taxes that might be due because of a sale. www.iwanttospeak.com has no process in any payments. If something seems suspicious please contact us on hello@iwanttospeak.com 

Students/users and Teachers, Translators & Schools

www.Iwanttospeak.com  simply acts as a middleman by connecting students directly with teachers and translators. All work carried out by the teacher, translator and student or client must be done directly and has no involvement from www.Iwanttospeak.com. All money transfers and tax payments must be done between the teacher, translator and student or individual. www.Iwanttospeak.com  has no involvement in any payment processes between a teacher, translator or student or individual. www.Iwanttospeak.com cannot be held responsible for emails a teacher, translator, company, school, or student and individuals might receive. www.iwanttospeak.com cannot monitor emails sent and cannot be held responsible for the content of the email or message that might be sent.  A potential student, teacher, translator, school, or website user takes full responsibility for any contact they make to the individual of the post, including any attachments attached related to applying to a job advert that is registered on the website.

School job adverts and language related jobs

Iwanttospeak.com advertises jobs that are submitted by schools, individuals, and companies. In order to apply for a job users of the website should read the information in the post and use the contact details the poster has provided. www.iwanttospeak.com does not have any involvement in the recruitment process of any job listed and simply connects a website user to the vacancy advertised by the school, company, or individual.  The school, company, or individual takes full responsibility for the recruitment of any jobs listed.

Course / Exam 

By using iwantospeak.com to post a course or exam you are agreeing that your course or exam is planned and the details you provide and not untrue or misleading. Your post should be as detailed as possible to give users of the webst

Adverting Space

Advertising space can be purchased on the website www.iwanttospeak.com. Space can be purchased on the front page or on the page of a category that is related to your business. www.iwanttospeak.com does not guarantee that having your logo or banner on the website will increase traffic to your website. Space can be purchased for 1 month, 3 months, or a 5 month period. Payment can be paid via bank transfer or by PayPal. You are entitled to a full refund if you are not happy within 5 days after a transfer has been made. All logos and banners are subject to approval from offensive material and in the event of an offensive logo or banner you might be refused advertising space. The individual is responsible for the design of the advert.

Paid posts

Every registered user is given one free post. If a registered user wishes to post again using their account they are required to pay for their second post. The price for each post after the first free post is 6 EUROS and payment can be paid by PayPal or bank transfer depending on currency. The purchase of a new post can be done by clicking buy on the post paid. Once payment has been completed the post will be submitted as normal. You can claim a refund for your post up to 24 hours after payment if you are not happy.


The minimum age to post and register on www.iwanttospeak.com is 18 years old. Any any persons found to be registered or posting on the website will have their accounts deleted and posts removed. By posting and registering you are agreeing that you are at least 18 years of age.


Iwanttospeak.com acts as a platform where all contact via the website goes directly to the teacher, school or individual. It cannot be held responsible for what content is sent. Users of the site and individuals take full responsibility of all contact sent via the website. www.iwanttospeak.com can also not be held responsible for the content of a school or teacher’s profile. All information that is placed on a profile is the responsibility of teacher and school.  www.iwanttospeak.com can also not be held responsible for an external links that are displayed that are provided by a teacher or school.

Problems and Deletion of account

If any registered member or web user has concerns with anything they have seen on the website then they should contact an admin. Admins can be contacted using the contact form at the bottom of each page or emails can be sent directly to Hello@iwanttospeak.com In the event you would like to delete your profile and all its contact you can do this by sending an email from the account’s email to hello@iwanttospeak.com with the subject DELETE MY ACCOUNT


www.iwanttospeak.com does in no way collect your data or sell your data and has no intention to ever do so. All data you provide for your profile and job advert will be visible to anyone using the website www.iwanttospeak.com and by providing that information you are agreeing that anyone who visits the website has the right to see this data and that may lead to them using for other purposes. All non-visible data is secure and will never be shared with a third-party. www.iwanttospeak.com does have maintenance work carried out by a third-party and therefore any non-visible data might be accessed for the purpose of testing only.

By using the website www.iwanttospeak.com You are agreeing to all of the above terms of service.