Spoken English Specialist/30+ years experience

I’ve been teaching ESL since the mid-1980’s.
I specialize in accent-elimination/speech-perfection with intermediate/advanced adult speakers. I’ve worked with recording artists, government employees, lawyers and others. I have 2 published e-books for teaching English, both on www.ebooks.com for US$2.99.
Overview for “Easy Spoken English”: “To speak English, or any other language, quickly, easily, correctly, without grammar analysis, this book’s series of lessons and a native-speaking coach is all you need. Perfect for private tutors or language schools. This book gets you to speak about yourself & everyday topics with your instructor. 3-hour lessons are encouraged for maximum rapid progress & retention.
Review: January 22, 2012 : Easy Spoken English (Kindle Edition) A great, practical step by step guide for teaching English (or for that matter any language) in a one on one or small group setting. The book has a series of lessons that are based on the learner’s experiences and interests, and gives an excellent scaffold for a teacher to build on each lesson. The book works as a resource for teaching both beginning and more advanced students. Overall, I have found the book invaluable in preparing and extending lessons for my students. My second ESL e-book is “English Short Stories”.
Overview: “An exceptionally well written collection of 60 short stories, each having five questions with multiple-choice answers, and some extra questions to further animate student-teacher conversation. Divided into three groups of 20 stories, beginner, intermediate, and advanced, these stories describe family, places visited and lived in, daily life in Vancouver, Canada, various fun activities, different interesting jobs, and many special aspects of nature and wildlife. The stories can be used as language lessons on their own, or as part of a course with other language books and methods. All topics are presented in an original, highly creative, literary manner, and will definitely stimulate conversation between tutors and clients. Paul’s natural talent for writing and describing people, places, and things shows clearly in each story. The stories are a great reading experience for native English speakers too, simply based on their well-written, poetic content.”
Review: “As a follow-up to his language learning book, Easy Spoken English, Paul now presents us with a highly original, very well-written collection of ’60 short stories’ covering different times and experiences in his life so far. These stories are a great read simply from a literary point of view, and with the questions and multiple choice answers added to each story for their use as part of a language course, it’s a great addition to the course materials of anyone teaching English. Read, enjoy, and tell your friends and colleagues about this special literary banquet!”
So that’s a bit of my background. I also speak fluent French and upper intermediate Russian and Spanish. I’m currently in Montreal, Canada, and we can meet here for lessons wherever it’s convenient for you, or do it online. Otherwise we can do lessons online from wherever you are. I’m available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, from 1-10pm. Send me an email if you’d like to connect and discuss potentially taking some lessons with me. We’ll set up a phone or online chat, in which you’ll see how my program works as I perfect everything you say during our conversation.
Here is my CV:
Profile: Fully qualified, licensed English Second-Language Teacher. Over twenty years experience teaching private & small group English Conversation Courses.
Bachelor of Education degree / Canadian Provincial Teacher’s Licenses.
Languages: English, French, Spanish, Russian.
Work History:
EASY SPOKEN ENGLISH by Paul Tagney, 2011-2012 Published in e-book format on www.ebooks.com an original English Conversation program based on the author’s 20+ years private/small group lessons, all 3-hours duration.
Freelance Private Tutor – English Conversation: 1990-Present: Vancouver Regional Organiser, Home Language International, highly successful tutor/host for international clients, hiring and supervising staff of host-family tutors in Vancouver, Canada .
English Tutor: 2001- 2002, American Academy of Foreign Languages, Kyiv, Ukraine
Adult Education Teacher: 1985- 1990, Laurentian School Board, Ste Agathe, Quebec, Canada Taught adults English Conversation, Co-author; 4 English Conversation text books.
English Teacher/School Principal: Dept. of Indian & Northern Affairs NWT/ Arctic Quebec: 1974-1984 Principal/class teacher: grades 1-4, Rapid Lake, Laverendrye Park, Quebec
English Teacher: Cree students, grades 9-10, Fort George, James Bay, Quebec
Grade 6 ClassTeacher: Inuit students, Inukjuak, Hudson’s Bay, Quebec Remedial Reading Teacher: Grades 3-6 Inuit students, Fort Chimo, Ungava Bay, Quebec Principal / Class Teacher: grades 1-6, Nahanni Butte, Northwest Territories
High School English Teacher: 1970-73: Literature & ESL, Montreal, Quebec. Education: Bachelor of Education Degree – Major in English Literature, University of Montreal, Teaching certificates: Quebec, Northwest Territories and British Columbia, Canada


Name: Paul Tagney
Age: 75
Gender: Male
Country: Canada
City: Montreal
Language I teach: English
Qualification: English/Language Degree
Experience: 5+ years
Hourly rate: US$32/CAD$40
Time: 25th Sep 21 6:38 am