Reaching your goal is no longer your job!

I am officially an English language and TEFL certified teacher and trainer from the UK. I get the best out of you. I believe in making the class educational and FUN. Boredom killing and the fluency of my students, along with their needs, are my priority.

My skillset is designed to help you master your language skills, career development skills, and personal development soft skills that would advance your monthly salary in the future and will help you overcome your fear of speaking. Additionally, it will massively boost your confidence in communication.

In addition, as I gratefully finished my MSc degree in Business Management and Finance, I am eager to lecture and deliver practical workshops in education, business, and Human Resources Management modules as well. I would highly appreciate it if we can have an offline/online meeting to discuss possible future prospects.

Your Development is my responsibility. Your Goal becomes My Goal.

That is why, I only accept those who have a vision, and want to reach a certain goal with a belief in self-investment.


Name: Medhat Adel Emam
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Country: Poland
City: Krakow
Language I teach: English
Qualification: TEFL
Experience: 5+ years
Hourly rate: 20
Time: 19th Jun 22 3:45 pm