Advertise with us

Everyone is free to post on our website, but if you are looking for something more and would like to have your advert, logo, or banner place on our website, then you can purchase advertising space either on the front page or on the page of the category which is most suitable for you.

Advertising space can be purchased from 1 months, 3 months or 5 months and you can view the prices of each below. 

276 x 406 Pixel Size

1 month = €50 / €70*

3 months = €120 / €140*

5 months = €150 / €170*

200 x 267 Pixel Size

1 month = €40 / €50*

3 months = €90 / €100*

5 months = €100 / €120*

*front page 

Please note we are not responsible for your advert’s design, and your design should be sized to the specifications of the space you choose to buy. We can recommend a designer if you need one.

Payment for your advertising space can be paid via bank transfer in EUR, GBP, PLN, or UAH. Other currencies payments can be made via PayPal. Invoices can be provided on request. 

Why advertise with us?

Our website targets a certain type of audience and with that they are highly likely going to be interested in your service or product. We focus on language, education and language services, so it is an ideal place to advertise for a language school, summer camp, or even a translation company. Our audience is global meaning your advert not only gets seen by your local market, but worldwide too. 

OK. How do we make this happen?

If you’re interested, please send us an email here with your advert space preference and time. Please also send us your image via email if you have one too.

Important: We do not guarantee hits or an increase in traffic.