We have seen and heard people say I want to speak English, Russian, Italian, German, Spanish, French, Ukranian, but I can’t find someone to speak with a million times. We know it’s difficult to speak and practise a language when you live in a country where another language is spoken. 

We want to help. We want things to be simple. We know you’ve worked hard learning a language, and now we want to connect you to someone else who also has the same problem, but the same desire as you, to speak English, Russian, Italian, or even French. 

We don’t only focus on language exchange and finding a language partner, but we want to give teachers the opportunity to find students either by following up on posts from students who are looking for a teacher or simply advertising their own services on the teacher’s page. We also give schools who are looking for teachers and companies looking for individuals with language abilities to find the right person for the job too.  

Another thing we’ve thought of is not letting those English coursebooks and that German teacher’s book you no-longer need go to waste. You can sell your stuff or give it away for FREE just like the cost of posting an advert on our site. This way you can feel confident in knowing it is going to a good home. 

At the end of the day, we just want people to enjoy learning,practising, and using a foreign language and we hope you find someone on our website that helps you do that..

If you want to thank us, you can always buy us a beer…..


And remember, use it, don’t lose it. Start speaking today